In today’s era of education, every educational institution has outlined their inspiring strategic plan with unique leadership, embraced staff and has a reputation to hold courageous innovation to ensure that each student’s needs are met and they reach to fullest potential.

With the rise in automation systems like LMS (Learning Management System), VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), SIS (Student Information System) etc., the education world is sitting on a huge data heap. The institutions are now looking forward to intense utilization of these data to enhance existing capabilities and craft their students' well for this competitive world.

Challenge in-front of us

Working together towards next generation education, a platform is needed to finalize and capture each bit of information to gain insights, a holistic view, balance intuitions with facts, real-time and on-demand access to the information, hold upon all required insights with data privacy, assistance to control dropouts and failures rates, predictive analysis to proactively prepare students, focus upon data-driven decision for career readiness and derive education based upon facts and evidences. The pluggable architecture is easy to integrate to support multiple sources of data like sensors, logs, structured and unstructured data
from RDBMS of the legacy applications, etc. Solution enables institution to build data-informed culture and students’ transformation for career readiness.

Solution comprises of ETL (Extract Transform Load), DQS (Data Quality Services), NRTP (Near Real Time Processor), Batch Processor, DSS (Data Storage Services), ACS (Analytical Cube Services), DSL (Data Service Layer), AAP (Advance Analytics Processor) and Data Visualization.

ETL utilized Apache Kafka, Apache Flink and Scala to extract, transform and load data to HDFS, DQS
included Python scripts, NRTP utilized Apache Flink for near real time processing, Batch Processor
utilized shell scripts, python scripts and Ozzie workflow, DSS composed of HDFS, Hive, Impala and
Cassandra, ACS applied using Apace Kylin, DSL to expose storage as REST service, AAP composed of
Python scripts to add support for Machine learning and Data Visualization dashboards using Web
application built using ASP.Net and C#.

The Solution

Datopic team worked closely with client to understand the challenges and to deliver analytical solutions. Engineered solution improves the ROI of institutions and gives a better focused and controlled
environment to carve the right learning path for students and teachers. The solution empowers administrators and educators to acquire knowledge and deep insights at multiple levels.

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