Every healthcare business throughout the care continuum is presently vying for a competitive advantage over their competitors by implementing the most up-to-date technology stack to deliver the best solution.

Today’s Digital Era have aligned goals & interests between patients and care providers. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare consumers are looking forward for Digital health solutions to make their life better and safe.Innumerable successful approaches to lower expenses and get an edge with improvised outcomes have been demonstrated in the sector's track record. As a result, we are aimed to build Trust in Healthcare System & Combating the world’s biggest Health Challenges.

Issues that need to be addressed.

Leaders in the healthcare business, regardless of the size of their organisation, are interested in data to help them run their corporate operations more efficiently and effectively.

The medical field is confronted with a wide range of issues. They are made up of operational issues as well as technological circumstances that are tied to one another.

  • Parities in health,
  • coordination of global health efforts during disasters and epidemics,
  • communication between healthcare professionals,
  • and improving quality while controlling costs

The discipline encompasses a wide range of topics that are simple to understand and delivers insights on both the macro and micro levels. Improved patient care quality, clinical data, diagnosis, and corporate administration might all be revealed as a result of this research.

Our Work

  • Considering HIPAA and PCI compliance needs, cost-effective and security preferences, robust and easy-to-scale infrastructure. Datopic team migrated infrastructure, solution and storage warehouse to AWS HIPAA compliance infrastructure and services.
  • Migrated solution enables organization to ensure security, confidentiality and compliance of patient information.
  • Datopic solution reduces total cost of ownership with cost-efficient hardware, decreased cost of deployment and operations.
  • Datopic engineered solution enables to achieve 99.9% availability of application and ensure storage high availability with Always-On.
  • Add-on support for always encrypted data communication enabled to secure data-at-rest, data-in-transit and data-in-motion.

Blockchain in Healthcare

There are many ways in which blockchain can be utilized to close-up the loopholes in the healthcare industry.

  • Network infrastructure security at all levels.
  • Identity verification and authentication of all participants.
  • Uniform patterns of authorization to access electronic health information

Datopic contribution in this domain is substantial.

Understanding the need and affordability is the base that is fundamental of while creating our medical systems. As technology specialists we've helped our customers to locate answers to problems that are different.

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